Steps to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 8:

First of all hit these keys Windows + I, and search ‘Schedule tasks‘ and hit enter or tap on search and again tap on settings and search the same. Now, open the program or app with right click and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’, whatever you prefer calling it.

Task-scheduler for Automatic Shutdown in Windows 8


Now, what you have to do is select, Task scheduler library from the left pane. Once selected, go to Action and select Create Task. Once, you are in now, now name it in the general tab as Shutdown to easily recognize the schedule when you are there for a cancelling or changing the conditions.

new-action for Automatic Shutdown in windows 8


Now, go to the trigger tab and and select new.

Create Task for Automatic Shutdown in Windows 8
When opened, select the recurrence of the shutdown task for Windows 8 , time and date when the task will be triggered.

New-trigger-task-scheduler for Automatic Shutdown in Windows 8

Now, select OK, and then back to older Window of create task now select Actionand again select New from below.

Now, this is the most crucial part. When the New Action window is opened, type down Shutdown.exe on the program/script box. Now, in the Add arguments enter “/s /f” without the quotes.

Press OK, and OK until you are back to the main program that is the Schedule task program. Now go ahead and close it down.

Voila, your windows 8 computer is now configured to be automatically shut down on your preferred time. You can back and configure the task in Schedule Tasks program, under Task Scheduler library any time you want and even delete it if you don’t want it anymore.

One more thing, you can add condition under it, by opening the created automatic shutdown task and selecting the Conditions tab.

So, this is how to schedule automatic shutdown in Windows 8. You can follow the same steps in windows 7 to configure auto shut down there. If you are running the computer during the shutdown time period a warning will be shown before you system closes itself down.